On March 29th, Farmers Coop took made another stride in an attempt to help you make your farming operation for profitable.  We completed our first Variable Rate Application and it was a huge success!  Farmers Coop is committed to being a leader in our industry by utilizing technology to maximize efficiency.  Variable Rate Technology (VRT) is the technology used to vary the amount of inputs - seed, fertilizer, pesticides or other inputs - based on site-specific information, such as soil quality or plant health. VRT helps reduce  overapplication and apply inputs in the most efficient manner.  We can now help you make your bottom line improve thru the efficiencies gained in Variable Rate Application.  To learn more about Variable Rate Technology and how it can help you improve your bottom line, contact Doug Bates or James Renner.

Doug Bates - 316.772.1423


James Renner - 316.217.5024