Hutchinson Fertilizer LLC

In 2006 a Fertilizer Entity was formed between Farmers Coop Elevator Company,
Cairo Coop Equity Exchange, Mid-Kansas Coop and Archer Daniels Midland Company. Hutchinson Fertilizer, LLC, a 28,000-ton dry fertilizer terminal adjacent to ADM elevator "I" in Hutchinson, Kansas, has the capability to receive unit train quantities of dry fertilizer.

ADM owns one third of Hutchinson Fertilizer, LLC. Mid-Kansas Cooperative of Moundridge, Kansas also owns one third, with the remaining third split evenly between Cairo Coop Equity Exchange of Cunningham, Kansas and Farmers Coop Elevator Company of Garden Plain, Kansas. The 28,000 ton facility consists of five larger bins which will mostly be used for UREA (46-0-0) and MAP (11-52-0). There are also some smaller bins used to house AMS (Ammonium Sulfate) and other Micronutrients.  Please call for availability of product.

The purpose behind the Hutchinson Fertilizer facility is to make product more readily available to the Coops which in turn mean a quicker turn around for the end user, the producers. It also has a freight advantage compared to product that was delivered in from Catoosa.