There is a lot of hype in today's technology world revolving around smartphones, ipad's, or other cool little gadgets.  I try to keep up with the crazy rat race in the technology world, but that is a race that I constantly find myself struggling to keep up in.  It is amazing what can be done from some of these devices today.  Like they say sometimes, "There is an app for almost anything".  Once thing that Farmers Coop does a good job at is utilizing technology and letting it help us be more efficient for our producers.  You can also use this technology to help you be more efficient as well.  For those of you that have smarthphones, Farmers Coop has a mobile site that gives you some very valuable information from our website at the touch of your finger.  If you visit our mobile site from your smartphone, you will be able to gain access to our Cash Bids, Weather, Commentary, and much more.  Visit our mobile site at and don't get left behind in this crazy rat race of technology that we now depend so heavily on!